Portal of the German-Czech and
German-Slovak Historian Commission

Film by Tüpfelhausen – Das Familienportal e.V. The documentary project was filmed on three continents at once during the Corona pandemic in 2020 and deals with the fate of the former Jewish soccer club SK Bar Kochba Leipzig, the lives of its members such as especially the Jewish Bartfeld family – co-founders of SK Bar Kochba Leipzig in 1920 – under the National Socialist regime of terror and violence and important current youth-related civil society projects in Germany, Israel and the Czech Republic. It is currently used, among other things, in the prevention of anti-Semitism in schools in the Free State of Saxony as part of a project of the program "Weltoffenes Sachsen" of the Saxon State Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Context. The film and the accompanying projects were funded by the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Tandem - Coordination Center German-Czech Youth Exchange, the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig and the Cultural Foundation of the German Football Association.